Navigating Environmental Risks, Guiding Informed Decisions

Letterle & Associates excels in environmental investigation and assessment, offering unparalleled expertise to clients across diverse industrial and commercial sectors. Through cutting-edge techniques and rigorous analysis, our environmental site assessment process helps our clients to make informed decisions regarding environmental management and remediation strategies. Our staff of qualified professionals has experience in conducting:

Storage Tank Closure Assessments

We identify potential risks of soil and groundwater contamination associated with the UST system and develop comprehensive closure plans.

Phase I & Phase II Assessments

We assess environmental risks and use them as a guide for property transactions, development projects, and regulatory compliance.

Site Investigations & Characterizations

We identify potential contaminants and assess environmental risks to determine the extent of contamination at various commercial and industrial sites.

Geophysical Investigations

We assess site conditions, identify hazards, locate underground utilities, and map geological structures to help with the decision-making processes related to environmental remediation efforts.