Client Profile: Independent automotive service station and convenience store owner

Project Profile: This project required installation of a VEGE system housed in an on-site shed due to the need to extract petroleum contaminants from a relatively deep groundwater aquifer.

Project Summary: Petroleum impacts to soil and groundwater were discovered during an underground storage tank upgrade project. The VEGE remedial system operated from November 1999 to December 2006, extracting groundwater from four recovery wells using four pneumatic submersible extraction pumps. Soil vapor was extracted using one 5.5 horsepower blower. The groundwater was passed through sediment filters and treated with two liquid-phase granular activated carbon (GAC) units. The soil vapor was treated with two MX-500V GAC units.

Project Results: Approximately 66,000 gallons of groundwater was treated by the VEGE remedial system. Concentrations for all COCs decreased over 99%.