Residual Waste

Client Profile: Powder coating metal finishing shop

Project Profile: Consulting services were provided to this client to help it comply with environmental regulations.

Project Summary: Letterle was asked to help this client comply with its obligations as a generator of residual waste and a discharger of industrial wastewater. An on-site review of the manufacturing process, file review and meeting with PADEP resulted in the conclusion that the facility was exempt from filing a biennial residual waste report. However, it was still necessary to conduct a chemical analysis and source reduction strategy and to obtain a permit and monitor industrial wastewater before discharging to the publicly-owned sewage treatment plant.

Project Results: A waste stream analysis was conducted and after negotiations with federal, state, and local agencies, the proper reports were filed and measures taken to ensure continued compliance with PA residual waste regulations and federal pretreatment wastewater discharge requirements

NPDES Discharge Permit and Monthly Reporting

Client Profile: Independent retail fuel station, convenience store, and restaurant owner

Project Profile: A National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit was obtained at this site that requires weekly sampling and monthly discharge monitoring reports.

Project Summary: A petroleum release was discovered at this active retail station when public utility lines were being installed. Both groundwater and soil were impacted. In order to implement the remediation strategy consisting of a total phase extraction trailer, it was necessary to obtain a permit to allow for a discharge of treated water from the system to a high quality protected stream. The difficulty was in finding a technology capable of removing dissolved metals and total suspended solids to a level of non-detection while also eliminating petroleum contaminants to a level below regulatory limits. The solution was to install a separate treatment trailer that contained an intricate system of sediment filters, activated carbon and Birmâ„¢ material.

Project Results: The site is being actively remediated due to the successful negotiation and issuance of an NPDES permit.